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What’s in a Name?

Cheese at Appleton Farms

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What's in a name? Well, when you’re talking about Appleton Farms dairy products, a lot!

Our cheese makers work hard to perfect our dairy products, starting with the delicious milk and cream from our happy and healthy jersey cows. We have chosen farms names from Appleton’s colorful 375 years of history that reflect both the character of the cheese and the farm. So here’s a closer look at our delicious farmstead products.


Pinnacle is a simple farmhouse cheese with a smooth, supple texture.  It has notes of butter and grass. Much like Havarti, Pinnacle is great on sandwiches or with fruit and wine. Its namesake hails from the four granite spires or pinnacles located throughout the farm in memoriam of Appleton Family members. As versatile as the Appleton family themselves, you can dress this cheese down on a grilled cheese or dress it up on a fancy cheese platter. Be on the  lookout for the dill and the hot pepper flavored versions of this cheese as well.

Sunset Hill Triple Cream:
This brie-style cheese with a bloomy rind is made with jersey milk and cream. Sunset Hill is not only a frequent grazing spot for our grass-loving milkers, but it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset.  This cheese is really what Jersey cows and their beautiful rich milk were put on earth for.  Very similar to a Camembert or Brie, our Sunset Hill has a pure-white rind and soft, almost oozy interior.  Smear this buttery cheese on a baguette or cracker and enjoy!

A rich and flavorful Alpine inspired hard cheese aged 9 months.  Perfect on a burger, but can stand alone on any cheese plate.  This is the newest cheese in our line. Look for subtle changes in this cheese as we hone the recipe. Cheese that ages over 8 months takes a long time to perfect,  but we think you’ll enjoy each step along the way.

Broad Meadow:
This semi-hard cheese, aged 6-8 months has a rich yellow color that comes from the high-quality pasture our Jersey cows graze on. Its namesake is the meadow you see as you enter the farm, a prime habitat for grassland birds and butterflies.  A family favorite, slightly tangy upfront with a nutty finish.  We like to cut it in cubes and throw it on top of our salads.

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Updated August 2015