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Poor Farms Go Podcast

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Plan a visit to Bullitt Reservation in Ashfield and Westport Town Farm in Westport.

"If you don't shape up, you're gonna end up in the poor house." Now it's a vague parental threat, but in the 18th and 19th centuries, people did wind up in the poor house. How were these folks fed? By poor farms.

Two sites that The Trustees manage, Bullitt Reservation and Westport Town Farm, were once the sites of poor farms and thus hold the stories of some of Massachusetts' most vulnerable citizens, a piece of the past that most people don't know about.

To learn more about these properties and their role in the welfare of Ashfield and Westport, listen to two new podcasts, which we're quite excited about!

Podcasts produced by Megan Tady, Word-Lift.

Download Bullitt Reservation podcast >>
Download Westport Town Farm podcast >>

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Published July 2013