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We’ve Got Milk and More at Our New Farm Store

Appleton Farms: milk bottles

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It's fitting that Appleton Farms should have the only 100% Jersey milk on the North Shore since it was the Appleton family who helped introduce the breed to America. Now this special milk is available to the public through Appleton’s new farm store.

    It's true that Jersey milk is creamier and more nutritious than the milk generally found in the grocery store. This is due to the higher fat and protein content. Additionally, the Appleton Jersey cows are primarily grass-fed, and the more time the cows spend in a pasture grazing (and the more grass they eat), the healthier their milk. Milk from grass-fed cows has more vitamins, more conjugated linoleic acids (known cancer fighters), and higher omega-3 content than milk from grain-fed cows.

    The Jersey breed originates from the island of Jersey in the English Channel, not far from the coast of France. Jersey cows, although smaller than the black-and-white Holsteins usually associated with milk production, metabolize grass and hay much more efficiently. This allows these generally friendly, inquisitive cows to yield up to 30 percent more cheese per gallon of milk than other breeds.

    The milk is processed in Salem by Puleo’s Dairy using a low-temperature vat pasteurization technique. This means the milk retains a majority of its enzymes, which aid in proper digestion and good health.

    The farm store, located off Route 1A in Ipswich, sells skim, 1%, and whole milk – both homogenized and non-homogenized (which means the cream separates and rises to the top). In addition to milk there are several other local products for sale, including Appleton Farms grass-fed beef, yogurt, cheese, honey and beeswax candles, maple syrup, and more. Come on in and check it out for yourself!

    Updated: January 2014.