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Creating a Climate of Change

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Daily, we hear a lot about climate change – through mass media, social media, or friends and colleagues. What we hear ranges from mild warnings to dire predictions. Separating the wheat from the chaff is not always easy, and climate change presents many complex challenges. But these varied challenges also offer us new opportunities to think and collaborate in different ways. 

The Trustees is an active member of the Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Coalition, which brings engineers, architects, planners, and conservation and environmental organizations together to reduce the Commonwealth’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. The Trustees 27,000 plus acres includes sites important for their ecology, historic significance, and recreation – and vulnerable to climate change impacts, such as steep sloped forests and over 70 miles of coastline. And, our protected acres are part of the network of public and private conservation land that is home to plants and animals, some rare, some common, that all have to adapt to a changing climate.

There are many questions to be answered: How can we protect and manage natural resources that have to adapt to increased temperatures, heavier rains, and hotter droughts? And how will we protect at-risk cultural gems like historic homes, lighthouses, and designed landscapes?

Our Coalition is advocating for legislation that would require that the Commonwealth develop baseline data on climate impacts, and use climate data and trends to plan for infrastructure projects, emergency management, and natural and cultural resource protection. To find out more, and to find out what you can do, visit the Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Coalition.