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Volunteering in Force!

Volunteers from Breckinridge Capital Advisors at Powisset Farm

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Energetic volunteers from Breckinridge Capital Advisors and Bemis Associates accomplished a bundle of important projects for The Trustees recently – and had a good time doing it!

As a follow-up to a busy day of volunteer work pulling invasive garlic mustard at World’s End back in May, Breckinridge Capital Advisors sent another team of volunteers to help out at Powisset Farm on a hot, sunny day in September. The team picked and sorted 400 pounds of tomatoes and harvested 400 pounds of sweet potatoes – wow!  

Also in September, volunteers from Bemis Associates spent a full day working our brand new reservation in Shirley, Farandnear, where they built much-needed footbridges and cleared a new section of trail. The group was so efficient that they completed considerably more work than expected, and our superintendent commented, “Every time I turned around, they were finishing up one project, and ready for the next!”

These volunteer work days are of incredible value, often helping us complete projects that could take staff weeks to finish on their own. We are very appreciative of companies like Breckinridge and Bemis that promote volunteer work programs and actively encourage employees to participate by contributing their skills and time. It's only through the generosity of so many dedicated volunteers and supporters that we're able to protect and care for the landscapes and landmarks that make Massachusetts such a special place. Thank you!

Published October 2013

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