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Have you been wondering how to start growing your own food? The Master Urban Gardening (MUG) program is now open for enrollment.

Now in its twenty third year, MUG has long been a forum where both novice and experienced gardeners come to build their skills, sharing innovative and best practices for growing anywhere from the front porch to the garden plot.

MUG covers the fundamentals of organic gardening in detail, using a combination of presentations and group and hands-on activities over the course of eight Saturday sessions. Topics include soil science and care, botany, sustainable growing practices, garden planning, pest and disease management, composting, seed starting and saving, and more. Sessions are taught by experts from the University of New Hampshire, University of Massachusetts and partners such as the New England Wildflower Society, as well as veteran community gardeners and The Trustees Boston Community Gardens Engagement Site Manager. Participants bring their varied experiences to the class, and a significant amount of peer knowledge sharing takes place as well.

MUG is aimed at training community gardeners to be experts and organizers in their gardens, but it is also open to home gardeners who are active in their communities. After completing the program, participants perform valuable volunteer service in the Boston area gardening community. MUG graduates are integral to Trustees Boston Community Gardens events and workshops, particularly the Annual Gardeners Gathering and the Spring Plant Sales. Over the years, MUG graduates have contributed over 20,000 hours of service and have also led community gardening efforts in Boston and beyond.

Between the classroom and service hours, MUG is a significant time commitment, but past participants have found it well worth it given the skills, confidence, and friends they gain. The Winter 2019 session takes place on Saturdays from January 19 – March 16, with February 10 off. Classes run from 10AM-3PM with a lunch break and are located at the Trustees Boston Office at 200 High Street, 02110.

Applications are due by December 14.

If you’re interested in being part of the 2019 Winter Master Urban Gardener class, apply here or email mdelima@thetrustees.org to learn more.

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