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Outdoor Industry Association pitches in at The Bradley Estate in Canton

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To learn more about The Trustees’ work with companies and how you can get involved, please fill out this intake form or contact Grace Velardi, Director of Corporate and Foundations Relations | 978.840.4446 x1843.

Crane Co. and New England Biolabs sponsor SummerQuest Day Camp

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For corporate membership opportunities, please contact us.

We are passionate about connecting people to place and to working with friends, neighbors, and partners to foster healthy and active communities across the Commonwealth.

Our corporate partners share our core values of collaboration, excellence, and community and recognize the vital role that our natural and cultural heritage plays in enhancing our quality of life. We engage with private companies in a variety of ways – from sponsorship of events and educational programs to corporate volunteer days.

  • Whether underwriting a scholarship program for our summer camps or sponsoring a concert in the park, our corporate partners are making a real difference in their communities while providing direct financial support for our mission to reconnect people to the natural world, our collective heritage, and to each other.

  • Corporate volunteers give back in a way that’s meaningful not only to The Trustees and the community, but to their employees as well. As they work alongside our staff to get much-needed work done, employees also get to spend time outdoors discovering new places, making volunteering with The Trustees a great addition to a corporate service program.

Hand in hand with our private partners, we are expanding and strengthening our collective impact, reaching many more people, and making a difference for Massachusetts’ communities – today and for generations to come.

Our Members

The Trustees count more than 125,000 members and supporters who care deeply about protecting and providing access to the iconic natural, cultural, and agricultural landscapes that make Massachusetts such a wonderful place to call home. Our members:

  • are college graduates, with a high percentage holding advanced degrees.

  • are highly satisfied with their Trustees membership.

  • hikes, paddles, garden, and volunteer. They visit our properties to spend time with friends and family.
  • value open space and believe that conserving land and natural places is extremely important. 
  • support local food, with nearly 90% having shopped at a local farmer’s market or community farm.

  • strongly support The Trustees' work to preserve Massachusetts' history and culture.