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Retirement Assets

Your retirement plan or IRA is designed to support you during your retirement. If you pass away before the funds are depleted, they may be subject to significant estate taxes and income taxes for a non-charitable beneficiary.

Naming The Trustees a beneficiary of all or part of an IRA or retirement plan can reduce or eliminate that potential tax burden.  After your lifetime, the asset will come directly to The Trustees without going through probate.  Your estate will receive a charitable deduction for the amount of the gift.

Naming The Trustees a beneficiary of your retirement plan is easy. Simply contact the administrator of your plan for a designation form. To complete the form, you need to provide The Trustees legal contact information:

 Name:  The Trustees of Reservations
 Legal Address:  572 Essex Street, Beverly, MA 01915-1530
 Taxpayer Identification Number:  04-2105780
 Relationship:  Nonprofit Organization

The Trustees of Reservations is a tax-exempt, member-supported organization described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.