Charitable Remainder Trust

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A charitable remainder trust is ideal for the donor who:

  • seeks flexibility with payment options and terms;
  • wants to avoid capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated securities or other property; or
  • is considering a gift of real estate and wishes to receive income in exchange for the gift.

Assets donated to a charitable remainder trust are managed by an outside trustee. The trust pays income to you or other beneficiaries for a term of years or life, after which time the remaining assets come to The Trustees of Reservations. Trusts may be funded with cash, appreciated securities, or other property, such as real estate, and offer flexible income payments, to best meet your goals.

With The Trustees’ Charitable Remainder Unitrust, you select the payout rate (minimum 5%), based on the market value of the trust assets. The dollar amount varies from year to year, depending on the annual value of the trust. You can make additional gifts during the term of the trust.

The Trustees’ Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust pays a fixed dollar amount (minimum 5%) that you select when you transfer assets into the trust. The entire trust is funded at one time and cannot accept additional contributions.


  • Minimum Initial Gift: $100,000
  • Minimum Age: 70


  • The opportunity to make a significant gift to The Trustees;
  • Part of your gift is tax-deductible;
  • Avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets donated to the trust;
  • Payment options are fixed or variable;
  • Flexible term - either the life of the beneficiaries or a specific number of years;
  • Opportunity to diversify assets;
  • Potentially increased income