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A bequest is the simplest and easiest way to make a significant gift to The Trustees of Reservations after your lifetime. It offers flexibility – you retain use of your assets and can make changes at any time to reflect your philanthropic and financial goals. And a charitable bequest is deductible for federal estate tax purposes. There are several common forms of charitable bequest:

  • Cash Bequest
    Designate a specific amount for The Trustees.

  • Residuary Bequest
    Direct all or a percentage of your estate to The Trustees, after payment of cash bequests and estate-related expenses.

  • Bequest of Property
    Direct a particular asset, such as real estate, securities, or tangible personal property, such as an antique or valuable art object, to The Trustees.

  • Testamentary Trusts
    Provide income for a spouse or other family member for life or a term of years, after which the remaining assets will pass to The Trustees.

For bequest language you can provide to your attorney, click here — (PDF - 260k)