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Since the first recorded bequest in 1902, support via wills and life income gifts has built and strengthened the Trustees’ mission.

A planned gift to The Trustees can help you meet your financial goals while providing long-term support to protect the places and experiences you love. There are a number of creative ways that you can give to The Trustees, whether you name us in your will or create a more complex trust arrangement:

  • Bequests
    Give a gift of cash, appreciated securities, or personal property, without affecting your income during your lifetime.

  • Retirement Assets
    When you designate all or a portion of unspent retirement fund assets, you may find it is worth more than when left to your heirs.

  • Life Income Gifts
    Receive regular income payments for life over a fixed period time in exchange for your gift of cash, appreciated securities, or other assets, such as real estate.

  • Charitable Lead Trusts
    You can provide regular support to The Trustees for a defined period (a specific number of years or an individual’s lifetime), then, when the trust terminates, the remaining assets are paid to your heirs.

  • Semper Virens Society
    Recognizes people like you who have generously made a planned gift to The Trustees. Meet our donors.