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As a Trustees member, you’ll receive our award-winning magazine, Special Places, published quarterly. Inside every issue you’ll find compelling articles and beautiful photography that connect you to The Trustees, to the places you love, and to conservation issues across Massachusetts. You’ll also find our extensive listings of events and volunteer opportunities near you.

Winter 2007

Seeing ‘New Englandly’
Marshall, Pulitzer Prize–finalizist for The Peabody Sisters, recalls how 19th-century Massachusetts writers introduced her to New England – and to the fundamental link between people and the land.

Books for Snowy Nights
Let tonight's bedtime story become tomorrow's adventure with these children's books. Then, check out the accompanying guide to Trustees properties perfect for winter explorations with youngsters.

Contemporary Voices
From rugged uplands to wild coastscapes, our region continues to prove fertile ground for the literary seeds sewn by Thoreau. Who are his successors in word and image?.

‘A Happy Place’
When he was relaxing at Long Hill, family came first for legendary Altantic Monthly editor/publisher Ellery Sedgwick – even when Robert Frost was cooling his heels in the library.

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