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Special Places

As a Trustees member, you’ll receive our award-winning magazine, Special Places, published quarterly. Inside every issue you’ll find compelling articles and beautiful photography that connect you to The Trustees, to the places you love, and to conservation issues across Massachusetts. You’ll also find our extensive listings of events and volunteer opportunities near you.

Fall 2008

Celebrating 100 Special Places

Doyle Reservation – NO. 66
The community is helping to set the agenda for the expanded Doyle Reservation and, in the process, showing The Trustees that today’s face of conservation is not necessarily the one that’s reflected in the mirror.

World’s End – NO. 46
World’s End was one of the most threatened landscapes on the coast, until friends and neighbors mobilized to save it – one letter, one phone call, one dollar at a time.

Little Tom Mountain – NO. 93
When a beloved local ski area closed, The Trustees joined forces with conservation partners and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke to save the community’s backyard landscape.

Ward Reservation – NO. 15
John Kimball continues to support his family’s 78-year legacy to The Trustees and the public: a sanctuary of woodlands, hills, and wetlands in the Merrimack Valley.

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