Land of Providence Farm and River Day on May 1st

Land of Providence Farm and River Day Saturday, May 1st, beginning at 11 AM The Trustees of Reservations, Nuestras Raices, and Holyoke Rows Invite the Public to Celebrate Spring, Care for the Land, and Discover the River

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Kate Preissler
Education Coordinator 
413.532.1631 x11

Josh Knox

The Trustees of Reservations, Nuestras Raices, and Holyoke Rows
Invite the Public to Celebrate Spring, Care for the Land, and Discover the River

WHAT: The Trustees of Reservations (The Trustees), Nuestras Raices, and Holyoke Rows are pleased to invite the public to Farm and River Day, a day of family, friends, fun, and volunteering on Saturday, May 1st from 11AM to 3PM.
Farm and River Day will give members of the community a chance to celebrate spring, visit the three unique properties, and come together in caring for these special places.

People are invited to take part in preparing the properties for spring by helping with farm and ecology projects on Land of Providence and La Finca starting at 11AM. Projects will include seed plantings, invasive plant pulling, flood plain forest restoration work and other activities. Volunteers and visitors are welcome to join the event for the 12:30PM opening ceremony that will be followed by an outdoor lunch: enjoy the season opening of the lechonara (pig roast) at 1PM. Lunch will be provided for morning volunteers who pre-register.

After lunch, Nuestras Raices will offer Paso Fino horse demonstrations, Holyoke Rows will conduct kayak and canoe paddling, and Trustees staff will conduct tours of the Land of Providence. All are welcome.

Pre-registration is required for morning volunteers – email to sign up. For general questions, call 413.532.1631 x13 or email

WHERE: The event will take place at three neighboring properties: The Trustees of Reservations’ Land of Providence, Nuestras Raices’ La Finca, and the City of Holyoke’s Jones Ferry River Access Center, which is operated by Holyoke Rows. Parking for the event will be at the Jones Ferry River Access Center at Jones Ferry Road and 8 Oscar Street, Holyoke. For more information, call 413.532.1631 x13.

WHEN: Saturday, May 1, 2010, 11AM - 3PM

Schedule of events:

11AM - 12:30PM Volunteer on the property
12:30PM Opening ceremony
1PM Lunch
1:30 - 3PM Family activities, music, and more!

WHY: This event is intended to bring the community down to the riverfront area to learn about and experience the all the fun activities available to them at these three special properties. Also, May 1 marks the official opening of The Trustees’ newest reservation, Land of Providence, a property that was donated by the Sisters of Providence to The Trustees in 2009 and will be open for public visitation as of May 1st.

The Land of Providence is owned and cared for by The Trustees though the farm fields on site are leased to The Trustees’ neighbors, Nuestras Raices, who operate a community farm and gathering place called La Finca. The fields are cultivated by participants in Nuestras Raices’ Tierra de Oportunidades program, which provides land and training to immigrant, migrant, and refugee farmers. Holyoke Rows runs community boating programs for youth and adults out of the boathouse located just across the Jones Ferry Road from La Finca and Land of Providence. Together, these three organizations offer a variety of services and experiences to the Holyoke community that the public can experience at the May 1st event.

Farm and River Day on May 1st will be a chance for the Trustees of Reservations, Nuestras Raices, and Holyoke Rows to showcase the recreational opportunities that are available to the whole family. Come enjoy the community, the land, fun activities, and spring!

About The Trustees of Reservations
Since 2001, The Trustees have been building a stronger conservation presence in the Pioneer Valley region with educational and grassroots community outreach programs and the pursuit of significant land conservation opportunities. Currently, The Trustees own and manage 13 properties in the region. These include Land of Providence, Notchview, the Bryant Homestead, Dinosaur Footprints, Chapel Brook, Bear Swamp, Chesterfield Gorge, Petticoat Hill, Glendale Falls, Little Tom Mountain (to open 2012), and Peaked Mountain.  Recent acquisitions which will open to the public in the future include the Bullitt Reservation in Ashfield and Conway and Mt. Warner Reservation in Hadley.

Founded by open space visionary Charles Eliot in 1891, The Trustees “hold in trust,” and care for, 101 spectacular “reservations” located on 26,000 acres in 73 communities throughout Massachusetts. All reservations are open for the public to enjoy and range from working farms and historic homesteads to formal gardens, barrier beaches, open meadows, woodland trails, and mountain vistas.

As land and special places continue to be developed and open space is being fragmented at a rapid pace across the Commonwealth, time is running out to save the best of Massachusetts’ landscapes and landmarks. To find out how you can protect or preserve a special place in your community, become a partner, request a speaker, and/or become a Trustee through your volunteer, donor or membership contributions, please call 781.784.0567, visit, or email

About Nuestras Raices
Nuestras Raíces is a grassroots organization that promotes economic, human, and community development in Holyoke through projects relating to food, agriculture, and the environment. The Tierra de Oportunidades Project is a beginning farmer training project, new business incubator, environmental conservation and stewardship project, youth development initiative, and cultural development project all by the Connecticut River in Holyoke. It includes 15 new beginning farms, nature trails, an outdoor stage, tropical flowers and crops, a farm stand, and more. Check out or contact Maria Salgado, Assistant Director, 413.535.1789, for more information or to join efforts towards a greener, healthier city.

About Holyoke Rows
Holyoke Rows is a non-profit community organization located at Jones Ferry River Access Center. Holyoke Rows runs summer youth programs with area agencies and has been developing high school crew programs for boys and girls in the Holyoke area. The group has an active club membership of experienced rowers. Holyoke Rows believes in the value of sports as they help young people maintain interest in school and keep them connected to their community. Sports help youth learn about their own strengths and limits. Rowing is a sport that fosters leadership skills within each individual as well as a sense of community as rowers must work together and rely upon each other in order to be successful.

Holyoke Rows' mission is to reach beyond the traditional rowing population and bring rowing into the lives of youth and adults who would benefit most from the opportunities that rowing offers. At the boathouse, everyone learns to row and everyone learns to row together. Contact Holyoke Rows at  413.322.5647 or or visit the website at

Photos available upon request.