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The Trustees provide a wide range of professional services to assist the press.

Staff Experts
Our staff are experts in a wide range of topics, including land conservation, land management, historic preservation, ecology, environmental education, forestry, gardening, coastal biology, and more. Contact Kristi Perry at if you would like to arrange an interview.

Press Mailing List
To join our press mailing list and receive relevant press releases and other information, email Kristi Perry with your name, job title, company, mailing address, email address, and telephone number. Tell us what stories you cover and how you want us to get in touch.

Official Spokespeople
If you're including The Trustees of Reservations in a story and need an official quote or an interview with a spokesperson, we can provide one. Please contact Kristi Perry.

Research Assistance
If you have an idea for a feature story about the work of The Trustees of Reservations and need research assistance, contact Kristi Perry. We can also help you check facts and review your work for accuracy.

Photography and Graphics
The Trustees maintains a large digital library of photography and design graphics. Please contact us if you need a photo or an electronic version of The Trustees logo.