From this Promontory, a Panorama

A poem in celebration of the 125th Anniversary of The Trustees

From the promontory of his mind Charles Eliot spied
a panorama of pure air, and open spaces, declaiming there
is an important element in human nature which the town
square cannot satisfy. . . A spot capable of stirring the soul
to speak in poetry.

The poetry in us quickens within the poetry of this world:
the land revelatory and set apart, blessed with the names
Chapel Brook, Peaked Mountain and Redemption Rock,
with farms that yield their summer fruit, and shores
that face the ocean’s wild beyond.

To make poetry of what is already poetry is to force a green
cascade to stop-mid air for a photograph, for its still and forever
turbulent beauty. Is to reveal the abundant fern in its unfurling,
within woodland and forest. Is to sing in a language of place
prior to this one:

Menemsha, Naumkeag, Noanet, Tantiusques. When the keepers
of the earth speak through time to the keepers of the earth
the future calls itself fully.

When the child sees herself in the face of the rock, in the thicket
of laurels and the footprints in sandstone, in the caves and rugged
summits and long-standing structures, in the flurry of wildflowers,
and the wing of the warbler, in the rumble of the bear, she will read
the poetry of her name.

–Danielle Legros Georges

Danielle Legros Georges is the poet laureate of Boston. She was born in Haiti, grew up in Boston’s Haitian community in Mattapan, and is a graduate of Emerson College, with an MFA in creative writing from New York University. Ms. Georges is a poet, essayist, author, and translator, and has been a professor at Lesley University’s Graduate School of Education since 2001.

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